Contact, Booking and Mailing List

38To keep connected with us, please sign up here: Osho-Sakshi mailing list Our emails are below. However please contact us via this contact form, as this allows us to channel all enquires for each retreat to the same one person. Payment details are below.

Nitya: Mob: 07952 006919 Jyoti: Mob: 07894 159 237 Islam: Mob: 07528 302221 To book, please see the eventbrite website,  or BACS per below: Or alternatively please (1) make a BACS payment of £125 to Gabriele Smolarz 20-58-51 a/c 50855308 with your name as reference, AND ALSO  (2) contact us via the contact form above to let us know that you have done so, and to tell us which retreat you have paid for.