Dates of our next London meditation retreats


Two-day partly-silent Osho meditation retreats in Amersham

Our London meditation retreat weekends start with the first meditation at 4:00 on Friday and end late lunchtime on the Sunday. It’s perfectly OK to arrive later by arrangement.

Total cost for a weekend, including food and accommodation in shared rooms, is £150-00.

Dates for 2020. We will have fewer retreats so far planned in 2020 than previously. That’s because of practical things going on in the lives of all three of us that we have to prioritise – house moves and so on.  We’ve currently fixed one date, below, and we will fix others later in the year soon.

Friday Feb 28 2020 (4:00 pm) – Sunday March 1 (approx 3:00 pm)

In a single word: meditation is equivalent to total relaxation. Just doing nothing, sitting silently, and the grass grows by itself. 
Osho The Golden Future

Our retreats are aimed at anyone who loves to meet themselves in meditation. They are equally suited to those new to Osho’s unique approach, and to those who have been practising these methods for many years. Everything is fully explained, as much as possible in Osho’s own words.  The meditation sessions are not compulsory, so if you’d rather go for a walk in the adjoining countryside, you are welcome.  Breakfast, only, is in silence.

Jyoti and Nitya will bring their gongs and bowls and do a sound bath, probably  both on Friday and Saturday evenings. This is  a very beautiful and relaxing  listening meditation that brings depth and vitality into the silence of the inner moment. We plan to have further live music, details to be confirmed.